17 August 2009

Ste. Agnès: Fête de Lavande - the Soap

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You don't have to go to a Fête to buy Savon de Marseille. It's famous in France, made by hand and usually with olive oil.

The formula of this famous soap was regulated by Louis XIV in the XVIIth century and by the XIXth century Marseille had 90 soap factories. Since 1950 that has declined.

The soap you see in the main photo is made from the Aleppo pine tree and includes 20% bay tree oil.


  1. I thought Louis XIV used more perfume than soap but, luckily, the formula didn't get lost through the centuries...!

  2. I can smell the lavender and pine. Yummy shots.

  3. There's a shop here in Ottawa that sells that particular soap. Being hard-milled It lasts a lot longer than regular soap. Best of all: no sodium laurel sulfate here!! All natural and so good for your skin. Love the shot!:)

  4. Interesting story to go along with this image.

  5. I often collect various soaps whenever I travel. It's a revelation to me that there are so many different kinds and formulas that abound worldwide.

    I'm vacationing on an island in Wisconsin and frequently get a weak internet signal. So...I'll be posting and commenting only when I can find a strong signal. But, I'll be back!!

  6. Oh, I want some! I'm such a product whore!

  7. oh, Jilly, I need some of those! Now I can't buy them.

  8. Love it - pale green, chunky cubes of olive oil soap!


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