03 September 2009


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It's been a long hot summer - until yesterday when it rained for 6 minutes. The first rain since June.

'Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.'

~Sam Keen


  1. You "said" it rained for 6 minutes.....
    Gosh, I know where to go next summer! :-)

  2. And happily the ground is damp this morning which shows it rained in the night too. Oh happy day. We need a lot more rain tho to help the plants and trees.

  3. I am waiting for rain, even six minutes' worth. I think it actually did rain a bit the other night, but you'd never know. Brown, brown, brown, and crackly grass.

    At first I thought this fellow was reading.

  4. I can look two men in this photo.
    One is sleeping on the chair,
    and the other is...
    standing by him in the blue cloth and pink shoes...(ha,ha...)

  5. Perhaps it was a crowded beach, Jilly, but I love the way you've isolated this man and his umbrella...and how he is still saving the umbrella to use as a last resort when all of his other stay-cool tricks have failed him.

  6. Your photo makes me jealous for warmer weather since our days are already beginning to cool. Yet, autumn is terrific in the Midwest. Your comments about rain is sobering since there is so much drought around the world. An evening or day of rain is always so welcome!

  7. So the umbrella is for the rain!!!

  8. grrrrrrrrrrrr - it has been p*** down here all day and the wild cold winds have been blowing like it was winter.

    ah well, I wouldn't like it to be quite as hot as it is where you are either!

  9. I think we've had 6 minutes of sunshine since June!

    Great photo.

  10. If I can't be in Paris, Lord let me find myself at the beach.......

  11. Haha, that's GREAT!

  12. I love the quotation--certainly true for me in the long hot dry Israeli summer.


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