08 September 2009

Procession Votive - The Olive Garden

Copyright 2009 Menton Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

We're almost at the village. We pass this public garden of olive trees on the right and if we sit on one of those benches, the view we see is in the smaller photograph.

We are looking across to Menton - you can see the church steeples of Menton rising up out of the Old Town. And beyond we look towards Ventimiglia and Bordighera in Italy.

The procession will go from the church in the village and finish at a pretty little chapel that is opposite this olive garden, when it will be full of people - but we'll see that at the end of this little series.

To read the history of the Procession Votive please click on the link.


  1. Ah ha, it's good to get the perspective. And beautiful it is.

  2. voila ou je viendrais prendre ma retraite, dans ce beau jardin ;)

  3. I'd love to live there, too; remember so many olive trees from my year/s in Provence, le Gard...and from Greece...ah.

  4. Some beautiful landscape here. I look longingly at those distant hills.

  5. We can really feel the heat in these. And the blessing of that bit of shade in the public garden. What a glorious view.

  6. Gee, can't imagine why you settled there...

  7. The gentle shade of olive trees, sitting on the little bench, and the wide view.
    It's a luxury time!
    I would like to sit there...

  8. What a beautiful view. Great place to take a break.

  9. Gorgeous view, I am full of anticipation.


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