13 September 2009

Procession Votive - the King

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What I love about this Procession is that the players - all villagers - take their parts very seriously. No one fools around.

Here we see King Herod or is it Caesar?

If you've come to this series for the first time today, please click to read the history of the Procession Votive in Roquebrune village - dating back to 1467.


  1. Hi,

    I really love the photograph of the crown. Great job!


  2. Your pictures are always good but I think this is one of the best yet! The facial expressions and the colours - stunning! PS. I think it is Caesar I imagine Herod to be older

  3. What a beautiful series of photos. In addition to the wonderful subjects your colors are so bright and sharp. I'm using a new monitor and it makes me appreciate the lovely photos.

  4. what is that wonderful blue/lavender flower?

  5. J'adore ce genre de traditions qui unit les gens. Tes photos sont très belles.

  6. Thank you. I know it well, but have never seen it in such profusion.


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