19 September 2009

Procession Votive - Careful now!

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This is the final part of the procession before we leave the village and start the walk down to the Chapelle de la Pausa.

The golden effigy has to be carried through this medieval entrance to the village without damage. It is lowered and, as in the main photo, carried through with great care.

If you've come to this series for the first time today, please click to read the history of the Procession Votive which dates back to 1467.


  1. Very careful! That could have ended in tears!

  2. I can just imagine the concentration and commitment to transporting the statue safely along this route. I love the way you capture it.

  3. Marvelous series of pictures.
    Thank you.


  4. I've so enjoyed this whole procession Jilly. Merci!
    How different, your two blogs today!:)


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