14 July 2010

Fête Saint Pierre - Embarkation

The procession arrives at the port. Three boats are ready. Into the first goes Saint Peter, the priest, the mayor and other dignitaries. Soon the boats will go out into the bay for the blessing of those who lost their lives at sea.

You can see a closer view of the little dog on Riviera Dogs today.


  1. beau reportage, j'aime beaucoup la premiere photo.

  2. Another wonderful trio in this excellent series, Jilly.

  3. I love this series...Saint Pierre looks so much like one of the crowd...will he sit and enjoy a Pastis later on? :)

  4. That's such a nice thing to do... pray for those who lost their lives at sea.

    St. Peter doesn't look like he'll let go of those heavenly keys anytime soon. He's really serious! :-)

  5. Why do I think of photos of Picasso? The striped jumper perhaps...
    Anyway, nice and interesting photos.


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