27 July 2010

La mer

It's incredibly hot and humid in Menton at the moment, so let's get out on a boat, cool down, and see what the town looks like from the sea.

First tho, we've arrived in the port of Garavan which is just before the Italian frontier.


  1. belle collection de voiliers, cela donne envie

  2. I'm just back from four days in La Croix Valmer on the coast near St Tropez and it was hot and humid indeed. The mistral then took over and since then the weather is somewhat cooler and nicer.

    Mistral also in Avignon, just enough to cool off a bit.

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    Lovely line up of boats. Oh, to be wealthy.

  4. La mer and les bateaux...tres, tres belle. ( :

  5. Thanks for the "cool" view as we are just hot in Mobile, AL. Merci, Jilly!

  6. What a simple yet beautiful shot. I love the reflections in the water.

    It was very hot and humid for some time here in Pennsylvania, but we had a major thunderstorm on Sunday evening and now the weather is perfect--low humidity and the temperatures dropped a good 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Hope things cool down for you soon as well.

  7. Very tranquil photo.

    Stunning tattoo photo yesterday.


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