07 July 2010

Féte Saint Pierre - the Mentonnais Dancers

The Mentonnais Folk Dancers are an important part of the day - a great group and all having such a good time.

In the Old Town of Menton there is a building you can visit that has displays of life exactly as it once was in Menton, including figures dressed in the original clothes - of which these are copies, of course.

'It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.'

~ Henry James


  1. Nice embroidery on the aprons.

    The problem with comments yesterday occurred with many sites, not just yours.

  2. beau portrait de cette jeune fille

  3. They are such charming clothes! Your portrait of the young lady is so beautiful too, Jilly.

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  5. From tip to toe these are completely charming.

  6. Jilly

    Enchanting, and lovely Costumes. It must have been fun to be there and hear the music and see them dance.


  7. Good shots, congratulations!!!


    Frank, Barcelona

  8. Lovely ladies, lovely dresses, lovely photos - just lovely!

  9. Fantastic anlge on the first photo. All are lovely.

  10. I love these dancers and I also love your photographs. Excellent details. I had the pleasure of seeing them at another celebration at St. Michel - Fête Saint Michel in September. I loved the embroidery on the shawls and the kids band also. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.


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