27 November 2010

27 November 1910 - the Young Lovers

Today is the hundredth anniversary of the tragic death of two young people on the same day. The Cyrillic inscription on their grave in the Old Cemetery of Menton reads 'Above all, we do not complain. Our greatest wish was to be reunited for eternity and we are. '

Ernst Lentz with his fiancé, Hélène Angelson, travelled from Russia to Menton in the hope of curing his tuberculosis. He was very ill and it was a desperate last chance. Sadly his condition worsened, the lovers were married but Ernst did not survive the disease. Ernst died 100 years ago today and Helene committed suicide the same day. The were aged between 21 and 24 years.


Aujourd'hui, c'est le centième anniversaire de la mort tragique de deux jeunes gens le même jour. Sur leur tombe, dans le vieux cimetière de Menton, l'inscription en cyrillique se traduit ainsi: 'Surtout ne nous plaignez pas. Notre voeu le plus cher était d'être réunis pour l'éternité et nous le sommes.' Ersnt Lentz, est venu de Russie à Menton avec sa fiancée Hélène Angelson dans l'espoir de guérir sa tuberculose. Il était très malade et c'était une dernière tentative désespérée pour guérir. Malheureusement son état s'est aggravé, les amoureux se sont mariés, mais Ernst n'a pas survécu à la maladie. Il est mort il y a cent ans aujourd'hui et Hélène s'est suicidée le même jour. Ils avaient entre 21 et 24 ans.


  1. May they live forever. Together.

  2. Alas, their story had a tragic end. Mr. Brattcat and I began our story on this day 39 years ago and fortunately for us the story continues.

  3. Such a sad story that brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Sad and beautiful at the same time..

  5. Hard to imagine a devotion to someone so strong as to want to follow them into the ever after immediately... blind devotion ?

  6. What a tragic story.
    So glad people don't die of tuberculosis any more, at least not in our country.

    (would you please that the letter I had to type for word verification were dyingshe - dying she? how appropriate!)

  7. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    Same thing with Modigliani and

    Jeanne Hébuterne...she was

    almost 9 months pregnant.

    Beautiful post Mme. Jilly

    Maria O. Russell

  8. Anonymous21 June, 2013

    Same kind of tragedy for Amadeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hebuterne...

    Beautiful photos, Mme. Jilly.
    Thank you.


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