25 November 2010

PhotoMenton - Looking and Seeing

It's fascinating to watch visitors looking at the photos. Some look but don't see. Others really look, absorb and think about it - like this lady. Love her boots!


C'est fascinant d'observer les visiteurs passant devant les photos. Certains regardent mais ne voient pas. D'autres contemplent vraiment, l'air absorbé en réfléchissant au sujet, telle cette dame. J'adore ses bottes!


  1. You have EYES, Jilly!:)
    I am so pleased that you share your finds with us!:)

  2. I am glad you look and SEE. (and capture...) I too think those are snazzy boots.

  3. I'm thinking about where she got them.

  4. A l'oeil du photographe ! qui croise le regard du visiteur....
    Quelle rencontre !

  5. Her boots look like she has two rabbits stuck in them and they are trying to escape.


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