30 November 2010

PhotoMenton - Generosity

PhotoMenton held a 'photo marathon' on the first Saturday. You arrive with a camera and an empty memory card. Every two hours you are given a subject and at the end of that two hours you transfer your chosen photo (you cannot make any post production changes to the photo). Then you are given another subject and so it goes on.

One of the subjects was Generosity. Well done to Marc and Loris Biancherri who created this image and won the Prix Hamap. First though, an explanation: PhotoMenton raises money each year for Hamap, a charity that clears anti-personelle mines. This year the show raised 12,000 euros for Hamap. This photo shows Menton lemons and symbolises a person who has lost a leg from a mine and of course it portrays generosity. A perfect combination of Menton, Hamap and generosity.

Do take a look at Malyss' coverage of PhotoMenton on her lovely blog, Chronicles from the Shore.


Le premier samedi, PhotoMenton a organisé un 'marathon photo' . Vous arriviez avec une caméra et une carte mémoire vide. Un thème était donné et après deux heures de temps, il fallait transférer votre photo choisie (sans n'y apporter aucune retouche). Le même processus se répétait ainsi toutes les deux heures.

L'un des thèmes était la générosité. Bravo à Marc et Loris Biancherri qui ont créé cette image et ont remporté le Prix HAMAP. Mais d'abord, une explication: Chaque année, PhotoMenton recueille des fonds pour l' HAMAP, un organisme de bienfaisance qui finance le déminage des mines antipersonnel . Cette année, le salon a remis un chèque de 12 000 euros à l'HAMAP.
Cette photo montre des citrons de Menton. Elle symbolise une personne qui a perdu une jambe sur une mine et une tirelire pour la générosité. Une parfaite combinaison entre Menton, l'HAMAP et la générosité.

Je vous invite à regarder le reportage de Malyss sur PhotoMenton sur son joli blog, Chronicles from the Shore.


  1. Hey, now this looks like SO MUCH FUN. I'm going to suggest this to a friend of mine; maybe we can organize something here. This fellow deserved to win, for sure.

  2. c'est sympa ce genre de marathon, on a fait le même a evry, mais j'ai pas pu participer car j'étais jury, mais surpris par les idées des gens. Et plus chez vous c'est pour une bonne cause, c'est encore mieux

  3. I have obviously been to busy lately, but now I took the time to check some ten last posts of yours, including all the ones on PhotoMenton! It looks like a real event (with Lucien Clergue etc...) and it must have been really nice to participate, an honour that you well deserve!
    The photo you show is really nice, with a special "Menton touch"!

  4. What a great challenge/fund-raiser.

  5. A nice symbol, Jilly. Lemon who laughs, lemon who cries......

  6. WEll done indeed. I would have loved this challenge. Too often lately I think I"m content in my "box" and don't push myself as I did at first. Too busy, too much on my plate, no excuse though!

    I want to chat with you about a creative photo class I have in mind. Perhaps you can help me flesh out the last few assignments for my students.

  7. Nature Morte


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