07 May 2011

The Biker

Bikers like markets too.


Les motards aussi aiment les marchés.


  1. I have never nuzzled a tattooed neck - can't say I aspire to it either11

  2. Me neither, Julie but might have been interesting. There are a few things I haven't done and wished I had. One is to have dreadlocks and another was to have a biker lover...bit late now!

  3. Dreadlocks ... nah! Think of all those knots and the retained oils!! Ugh ... now the biker lover ... mmm ... maybe for a week or so ... but would want one who liked Fitzgerald and Hemingway ...

  4. Jilly

    You make me laugh with the conversation here,,,, smile, my hair is so long, in the morning it looks like dreadlocks, and takes an hour to dry...As far as the 'biker' lover it is never too late you know, Jilly, there is a quote from Zachary Scott--As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do.
    Have a good and enjoyable week end,


  5. Julie, especially Fitzgerald.

    Joanny, I don't regret it that much! Just a passing thought was all it was...!

  6. Jilly:

    I know --- we all have those fleeting thoughts now and then but also realize the impractically of it all, just musing. But there are ones where we would like to do something like learn some new art form or some new skill in some area that fascinates us but we never really do it,, those are the regrets I am referring too.

  7. Girls! Girls! You're making a guy blush. And wish he was a biker or had dreadlocks.

  8. Jilly, I am happily married, otherwise I might fly over to Menton with a photo from when I owned a motorcycle 35 years ago to see if that would count. Is there such a thing as once a biker, always a biker?

    (But, alas, I was never a "biker." It was my mode of transportation while in college in Washington D.C.)

    Do you think the biker in your photo today went into the market and asked the clerk, "Pardon me, mam. Can you tell me where you keep the tofu and sprouts?"

  9. Dave, you had me falling about.

    Chez Loulou - quite right he probably eats tofu and sprouts and even quiche!

    I've met a few bikers in my time and I've loved all of them. The kindest, gentlest people despite what could be seen as a fierce appearance although i never saw it as that.

  10. Thank you all for the chuckles on this May-gray morning in Los Angeles!
    (Jilly, he is sexy and very sure of himself).

  11. Do you think he listens to Johnny (Hallyday)?

  12. Looks like one tough dude, yep.

  13. Nadege, why not? Although if he's not Italian or French, perhaps he's never heard of him.

    I had the feeling he wasn't Italian or French - perhaps German but really I haven't a clue.


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