04 May 2011

Ventimiglia Alta - I love Italians!

I love Italians! They adore having their photograph taken - in fact, they see a camera and immediately go into a happy pose mode.

For those who know dear Brattcat's blog, you might like to meet Brattdog on Riviera Dogs today.


J'aime les Italiens! Ils adorent se faire photographier - en fait, dès qu'ils voient un appareil photo, ils prennent la pose avec l'air heureux.


  1. Aren't you lucky, this is gorgeous! We need more Italians up here. Your photo is an ode to happiness.

  2. ....oooops, wrong pseudo. That was Nathalie !

  3. I'd love to hear him sing. What a portrait, Jilly!

  4. Hah! Funny portrait. This is only minutes away from France . . . do you see different national personalities in such a short distance?


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