28 May 2011

Vernissage in the Village - the Mayor and the Sous-Préfet

The Mayor of Gorbio, Michel Isnard, is a character. He's a popular mayor who does so much for the village - particularly in terms of culture which is not a surprise as he is a noted artist himself and it's quite usual to see him walking around the village wearing clothes covered in paint.

He always fascinates me when he gives a speech, his French is poetry and his facial expressions are all part of the performance. Here he is talking about the artist, Michel Houssin, who we met yesterday. I love that speeches in Gorbio are held under an olive tree.

The gentleman in the black suit is Monsieur Raymond Floc’h, the sous préfet of Nice Montagne, which I gather is big-time important although I didn't know that earlier when I met him and asked who he was. He was charming and looks like an old-fashioned Italian film star, doesn't he? This was his first visit to the village and it was obvious he liked it, loved the restauration of the chateau and the art on display.


Le maire de Gorbio, Michel Isnard, est un personnage. C'est un maire populaire qui fait beaucoup pour le village - en particulier en ce qui concerne la culture ce qui n'est pas une surprise car il est lui-même un artiste bien connu . Il est assez habituel de le voir se promener dans le village portant des vêtements recouverts de peinture.

Il me fascine toujours quand il prononce un discours, son français est poétique et ses mimiques illustrent bien ses propos. Ici il parle de l'artiste, Michel Houssin que nous avons rencontré hier. J'aime quand à Gorbio, les discours se tiennent sous un olivier.

Le monsieur en costume noir est M. Raymond Floc'h, sous-préfet de Nice - Montagne, qui, je crois est une personnalité importante ce que j'ignorais quand je l'ai rencontré. Il m'a serré la main et je lui ai demandé qui il était. C'est un monsieur charmant qui ressemble à une star du cinéma italien à l'ancienne, n'est-ce pas? Il s'agissait de sa première visite au village et il était évident qu'il l'appréciait , ainsi que la restauration du Château et l'exposition de dessins.


  1. mmm ... just one of those gentlemen looks like he is running for office!

  2. Julie, you are right. Well he's already there. Seemingly sous-prefet is one less than the prefet which is important. I didn't know that when I spoke to him but he was very gracious and doubtless thought 'crazy English lady.'

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2011

    Speeches under an olive tree.. ;-))
    Mediterranean life style! Cool!!
    Jilly, where should you know who the "man in black" is? Very courageous of you to ask him! He should have told you that he's pleased to finally have met you!! A pity I wasn't there.. I would have taken him aside and asked him who that lady was... Smile!!
    Barbara from Germany

  4. How interesting to meet such people! and in mediterranean mood, as read in one comment..I'm sure you had a great time there!

  5. He looks like such a charming man Jilly.. the artist I mean, not the politician, although as you say, he is kend of good looking!

  6. It's good to have a happy mayor. I'm not sure what that glance meant and I'd love to know what he's thinking as well as saying. Always trust an artist! Have a good week-end!

  7. What a fabulous village you live in!

  8. Oh I think I'd love your mayor, much more than ours! HA I like the speech under the olive trees as well.

  9. It seems that you and the mayor are old friends, particularly since you lead the PR for Gorbio! I enjoyed the portrait of him and the way in which you capture the essence of personality through your lens...

    Wonderful artist and cute pup... From the video, it seems that his work space is very tidy...


  10. Speeches made under olive trees should be the norm worldwide. And add to that espadrilles, tank tops and shorts !

    Awesome photos as usual, but these look particularly natural... capturing and revealing the hidden ?
    I enjoyed this post immensely.
    Bon Weekend !

  11. Jilly, I think your politicians are chosen by Central Casting.

  12. Anonymous31 May, 2011

    Jim from US (Wisconsin) I enjoy seeing your photographs.What a great place for a photographer to enjoy. I was wondering;do you do your own photo editing? That is a hobby of mine. Very nice Photos. Jim

  13. Jim, I use Lightroom but don't do much editing - sometimes cropping, adding a little light or contrast but not much else. I'm learning...thanks for kind words. You obviously know more about editing than I do.


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