11 May 2011

Light on a plane tree

Sometimes I think there is nothing lovelier than late afternoon light on a plane tree with a French window and shutter in the background...but then there is always loveliness in Menton. Always...


Il m'arrive de penser qu'il n'y a rien de plus beau que la lumière d'une fin d' après-midi sur un platane avec en fond une porte-fenêtre et ses volets... mais il y a toujours d'autres jolies choses à Menton. Toujours ...


  1. Are Plane trees the national tree of France?! Are they native? They are everywhere.

    What I really want to comment about though, is that open shutter. See that little 'cut out' bit? is that a shutter on the shutter? Does it open specifically where a pane of glass opens?

  2. Julie, lovely to hear from you...

    Yes, shutters often have a part of the shutter than opens separately - so you can have the main shutter closed to the sun but with a small part open to let in a little light.

    I'll take a photo one day to show you this in action.

  3. Lovely photo, Jilly. I love the look of green leaves in light like this.

  4. Where is the artist with his palate, canvas and easel, brush in hand, looking at this scene, and, of course, wearing a beret.

  5. Oh, this is so beautiful--simple and exquisite.

  6. Exquisite, dear Jilly, with its chartreuse green leaves... I just love the roads lined with plane trees in France. The window behind is the main feature and you have even incorporated a reflection in the window.


  7. je pense comme toi j'adore la lumière de début ou fin de journée sur les arbres et les ombres qui en découlent


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