14 May 2011

Gone Fishin'

'If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.' ~ Doug Larson


'Si les gens se concentraient sur les choses vraiment importantes de la vie, il y aurait une pénurie de cannes à pêche.' ~ Doug Larson


  1. I think he was correct about that.

  2. Karen USA14 May, 2011

    Beautiful photo, Jilly. I have vacationed in Menton at least a dozen times, and spent a whole year living there. I have seen people fishing all over the place,sometimes watching them for hours while I lay on the beach or dined along the promenade, but I have never seen anyone pull a fish out of the sea! Have you?

  3. Ah, yes, fishing in the water or the air . . .perfectly important.

  4. I think that Doug Larson is right on target on this one... wish I was there to fish, to loll about, to photograph, to hang out with you, mon amie!


  5. Lovely blues here, Jilly. As for fishing ... nah, not I ... but I could clamber over those rocks for as long as those two fellas could fish ... something about horses and courses ...

  6. OMG that man is brown. That skin might still be in fashion on the Riviera but the dermatologists are at war against it over here.

  7. Souviens-toi qu'un poisson mort peut flotter en suivant le courant, mais seul un poisson vivant peut nager en le remontant.
    [W.C. Fields

  8. Now THAT's the way to fish!!!


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