25 May 2011

The Hat Man is Back

Summer must be here as the hat man is back. He walks along the beaches all summer long - selling his hats.

It's unbelievably hot at the moment. Hot and humid and we are all complaining... yes I know, I know...


L'été doit être ici puisque 'l'homme chapeau' est de retour. Il marche le long des plages pendant toute la saison pour vendre ses chapeaux.

Il fait incroyablement chaud en ce moment. Chaud et humide et tout le monde se plaint ... oui je sais, je sais ...


  1. These look like the type of hats I would expect to see in Mexico or Costa Rica -- shaped like a cowboy hat but with more ventilation for a tropical climate.

    I would expect the sophisticated French to prefer a warm weather hat design that evokes a little more elegance, such as a Panama hat.

  2. Great picture Jilly, I can't believe it was only a month or so ago when we were all so fed up with the hot weather, now it's pretty chilly! Viva the seasons.

  3. Anonymous25 May, 2011

    I would take the light blue one!! Yes, blue like the sea....
    Barbara from Germany

  4. These look completely un-French! I will go with the black hat.

  5. I'll buy the light blue one too. :)

  6. Fabulous portrait, as ever, Jilly!

  7. What a job - I can only hope this brave man is originally from a country where a similar heat exists. Perhaps he's used to it.


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