02 August 2011

Africa in Gorbio - Harouna Dembélé

Harouna Dembélé is the fantastically talented, energetic leader of the group Parissi, which he founded in 2004. He was born in 1977 in Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. Harouna comes from a family of griots, (the word for a traditional West African storyteller) who has learned and played a myriad of traditional musical instruments . In Abidjan , he continued his musical studies and assimilated a multitude of Ivory Coast rhythms - music played at popular ceremonies, weddings, baptisms and funerals. His energy and obvious love of what he does is contagious. His talent is undeniable.


Harouna Dembélé est le leader extraordinairement talentueux et énergique du groupe Parissi, qu'il a fondé en 2004. Il est né en 1977 à Bobo Dioulasso au Burkina Faso. Harouna est issu d'une famille de griots, ( un griot est un conteur traditionnel de l'Afrique de l' Ouest ), il a appris à jouer d'une myriade d' instruments de musique traditionnels. A Abidjan, il a poursuivi ses études musicales et assimilé une multitude de rythmes de Côte d'Ivoire - musique jouée lors des cérémonies populaires, mariages, baptêmes et funérailles. Son énergie et l' amour évident de ce qu'il fait sont contagieuse. Son talent est indéniable.


  1. He looks as colourful a character as his outfits are! Great portrait Jilly.

  2. Your photos reflect everything you say this guy is. He must be great to see in real life.

  3. what a fabulous show he put on...you capture his energy and spirit so beautifully.

  4. Great photo JIlly - I don't think these are ever easy to pull off!

  5. Awesome player, Awesomw photo's. He looks beautiful! Well done mate!


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