30 August 2011

Bussana Vecchia - Syrup of Agave

Lunch on a terrace just below the ruins of the church. The restaurant is called Apriti Sesamo and all their dishes are made of certified organic products. No meat is served. They also run a bed and breakfast.

The tiny bottle alongside the espresso is a natural syrup (sweetener) made from the Agave plant. Delicious it was too.

In the background of the main photo you'll see many glass and plastic covered structures on the hillsides. These are used to grow flowers - one of the main industries around San Remo. It's not known as the 'city of flowers' for nothing.


Déjeuner sur une terrasse, juste en dessous des ruines de l'église. Le restaurant s'appelle "Apriti Sesamo" ou "Sésame ouvre-toi" et tous les plats servis sont faits de produits certifiés biologiques. On ne sert pas de viande. Ils tiennent aussi un bed and breakfast.

La petite bouteille aux côtés de l'expresso est un sirop naturel (édulcorant) fabriqué à partir de l'agave. C'est délicieux.

A l'arrière plan de la photo principale, vous voyez de nombreuses structures de verre et de plastique qui couvrent les coteaux. Ce sont des serres où l'on cultive des fleurs - l'horticulture étant l'une des principales ressources autour de San Remo. Ce n'est pas pour rien qu'on l'appelle "La cité des fleurs."


  1. Jilly that first photo is just spectacular. I have the feeling these people are eating on top of the world.

  2. so much information delivered so elegantly in these images. the agave syrup looks a lot like our maple syrup. i agree with nathalie. that top shot is mesmerizing.

  3. Imagine having a view like that over lunch, spectacular Jilly.

  4. "Mesmerizing" is definitely the descriptive term. That sunlit portal is perfect for a meal shared with friends. What an amazing location.


  5. That's where I'll be staying. If you need to find me.

  6. Gee, never heard of agave syrup, but would try it. I long to be there...

  7. I don't want to leave this spot with this view. Lovely J.

  8. This is the restaurant for me! Just look at those views!

  9. I think I will join everyone else there. Charming.


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