11 August 2011

'Fill Her Up'

If you need petrol for your boat in Menton, this is where you go - opposite the lighthouse.

And this is the young lady who will serve you. She'll even push your boat off when you have filled up the tank and more than that, wave to you.


A Menton, si vous avez besoin d'essence pour votre bateau , c'est là où vous devez aller - en face du phare.

Et c'est cette jeune femme qui vous servira. Elle va même pousser votre bateau lorsque vous aurez rempli le réservoir et pour finir elle vous saluera.


  1. She's got gorgeous hair!

  2. It's always good to see there are still some places where you get served with a smile Jilly, and a gorgeous smile at that!! Great set of pictures.

  3. i think i'd go for a fill-up even when my tank wasn't empty just to see that smile.

  4. The pretty girl helps to ease the pain of high-priced fuel!

  5. When I was on the Italian coast last year, a ravenous beauty was filling up the cars' gas tanks. That was odd to me, in large part because usually in the USA it is self-service. When I saw how busy this gas station was, I admired the owner's wisdom in hiring such a beautiful woman.


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