10 August 2011

Early Work

Just an early morning scene at Place du Cap, Menton.


Simplement une image prise tôt le matin la Place du Cap à Menton.


  1. Best time of the day I think Jilly, when everything is fresh!!

  2. bonne idée ce noir et blanc

  3. When we travel I like to take an early morning walk to (1) get some food if breakfast is not included, (2) have something to do while waiting for Julie to get up or get ready, and (3) watch and absorb the atmosphere of the city or town "waking up" with scenes such as what you have today.

    The "apron and shorts" look is a little unusual.

    You inspired me to take the photo that I have posted today.

  4. such a long man with such a precariously balanced foot. very interesting image, jilly.

  5. I'm with Perth.... Great time of day. The man looks so happy with his job!

  6. Caught perfectly in midstep. Grand BW.

  7. Now that's a great catch Jilly, a perfect Doisneau scene.

    B&W was the obvious choice.
    I suggest you keep this one in your treasure chest - it would do really well in a street photography contest I'm sure!


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