29 August 2011

Bussana Vecchia - Cat Lady

This gorgeous lady is chatting to her neighbour who lives on the other side of the alleyway. If you live in a village with such narrow streets, this is normal - you don't have to go out to meet a friend, you simply throw open a window.

The sign, which is fixed to her front door tells visitors her cat must not get out and implores them to shut the door.


Cette belle dame est en train de bavarder avec son voisin qui habite de l'autre côté de la ruelle. Quand on vit dans un village aux rues si étroites, ceci est normal - on n'a pas besoin de se déplacer pour rencontrer un ami, il suffit simplement d'ouvrir une fenêtre.

La pancarte qui est fixée à sa porte d'entrée indique aux visiteurs que son chat ne doit pas sortir et les prie donc de fermer la porte.


  1. If the sign says the cat should not be allowed out the door, what would stop the cat from going out that window?

    The concept of speaking to someone out the window is very foreign for me, living in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley, Arizona. Julie and I have never opened a window in our house, and we would not see a neighbor even if we did. We have lived here 8 years. I have never met the man who lives next door, and have met his wife only once.

    Out of the 18 homes in our gated neighborhood, I have had a conversation with only 1 neighbor in the past couple of years, as the only time we see a neighbor is to wave hello while one of us is driving in or out. And it is not me. I'm a friendly guy. In some neighborhoods, people just don't socialize with neighbors.

    In Costa Rica, neighbors are friendlier.

  2. dave's comment sounds strange..
    anyway, I like the way this woman is taking care of her cat, that's cute!

  3. I like her nerdy black frames... they sit well on her pretty face. And yeah, light banter with the neighbours can always liven up the day.

  4. What a fab spontaneous shot Jilly, I like the idea of being friendly with neighbors....but maybe not TOO close!

  5. this one has me smiling. leaning out the window and talking to one's neighbors seems to be an act of grace passed down from one generation of women to another.

  6. A beautiful smile on a woman with a sense of humor. It's too bad that so many of our neighborhoods have succumbed to a life filled with busyness so that, like Dave, the sense of community has been lost. Not here in your photo, tho!

  7. This whole series is just riveting.

  8. I love the snippets you're giving us of the charmed Bussana Vecchia. This reminds me of my Italian grandmother, leaning out the window.

  9. This woman has a happy and friendly face. I think I am getting a crush. The way people interact with their neighbors is wonderful over their. My neighborhood in West Hartford is not as frosty as Dave's in Phoenix, but the houses are too far apart to talk from the windows.

  10. I love her open smile as well. I had to laugh about the cat sign. My Meeps longs to be outside. Now that I am in a flat, all she can do is go up to the next floor to have a look around. I am so besotted with her, I have heard whisperings that I've become a Cat Lady!


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