18 October 2014

Fete du Four - the Ancient Oven and Franco

The building that houses the ancient oven is small. And dark. And very very hot! Franco is pulling out a cooked dish on the paddle, which you see has an incredibly long handle - he's making sure he doesn't hit anything with it. The length of the paddle (and it's longer than you see in this photo) gives you an idea of how deep the oven is.


 Le bâtiment  qui abrite l' ancien four est petit. Et sombre. Et très très chaud! Franco retire un plat cuisiné sur la palette laquelle comme on le voit,  a un manche incroyablement long - il s'assure qu'il ne touche pas quelque chose avec elle. La longueur de la palette (et c'est plus que ce que l'on voit sur cette photo)  donne une idée de la profondeur du four.


  1. This is one of your finest photos. You've captured a moment and the contrasts black/white are remarkable. You've certainly honed your craft! @extradiagetic

  2. The black and white shot in particular is very, very effective.

  3. I really like this photo Jilly - perfect

  4. Jilly you are so good with portraits and capturing the right moment...
    Awfully professional and personal, huge compliment

  5. Thanks so much everyone for the compliments. Really means a lot to me.

  6. Working in a very dark environment without taking a heavy flash photo is a challenge and you did a fantastic job of it. Congratulations !


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