09 October 2014

La Fête de la Branda - Market Day!

At Gorbio's Fete de la Branda, there are lots of stalls selling wonderful fresh food. I always buy too much...


A la Fête de la Branda de Gorbio, il y a beaucoup de stands vendant de merveilleux produits frais. J'en achète toujours trop...


  1. Chevre, a warm baguette, and a glass of rose, please.

  2. Because our growing season is so short, I visit the St. Paul Farmers Market almost every week-end. Always buy more than I need, tho. Our market does not ave the variety of yours, tho. Too bad, but I guess that's all right because if it did, our food budget would be broken!

  3. It looks very busy there. Our main market here on Sundays is a minute's walk from my front door.


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