20 October 2014

Fete du Four - The Mayor and the Meat

The meat has finished roasting and Michel (the Mayor of Gorbio) and Antoine carry the dishes on an enormous makeshift tray to the waiting villagers.


La viande finit de rôtir dans le vieux four.  Michel (le maire de Gorbio) et Antoine portent des plats sur un énorme plateau de fortune aux villageois qui attendent.


  1. I love that this event is for villagers only.

  2. Except for the more modern touches like shorts, this shot has the feel of decades in the past.

  3. Michel looks protean in this picture. This reminds me of photos of Picasso when he lived along the Mediterranean. Very well done.

  4. I like this.
    And I like it in b/w.

    Your village is beautiful!


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