05 October 2014

Gorbio's new Superette

Big news in Gorbio village. Yesterday, for the first time, the village has its own small supermarket (superette) in the main square.

Tomorrow: Estelle, the manager. 


Grande nouvelle au village de Gorbio .Depuis  hier, pour la première fois, le village a son propre petit supermarché (superette) sur la place principale.  

Demain: Estelle, la gérante.


  1. Jilly you're so lucky that your town planners build to fit in and work with the other buildings in the vicinity instead of building really ugly tall buildings in places they will not blend at all with the area.. like in my post today. Your superette looks like it could be a welcome addition oui ?

  2. It looks like quite a gathering. I'm particularly noticing the lady in red.

  3. And I said in a post only a month ago that there wasn't any. That's quite a red dress for a suprette opening.

  4. I hope this is good for the village and not a Starbucks kind of thing.

  5. The girl in the red dress is the manager. It's going to be fabulous for the village. Means we can shop in the village instead of driving 7 or 8 kilometres to a big supermarket or market.


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