28 October 2014

Scrabble at Dusk

If you play Scrabble seriously then you must have a dictionary. It's dusk. Isn't this the perfect place to play before going home to dinner.


Si vous jouez sérieusement au Scrabble vous devez avoir un dictionnaire. C'est le crépuscule. N'est-ce pas l'endroit idéal pour jouer avant de rentrer pour dîner?


  1. I really like this! The sky and the place and the gentleman concentrating over the game. Superb!:)

  2. I like the mood in the shot, and the concentration of the players.

  3. How do you play Scrabble in a language that has diacritic marks? Just forget about them? English spelling is a mess but we don't have to deal with accents and umlauts.

  4. Bob, we play with capital letters only. The E can stand for é, è, ê or e.
    It works very well.

    My mother who is both a keen Scrabble player and a sun lover would absolutely adore playing in such a setting.

    You'd better finish the game before it gets too dark though!

  5. surpris de nous reconnaître sur les photos nous sommes tous les natifs de Menton merci de les publier


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