03 May 2007


In this tiny corner of the Old Town, you'll see we need a plumber, an electrician, a plasterer and a painter.


  1. But don't change the color of the building please .. I like it. Oh, the doves are pretty.

  2. Hi again, Jilly,

    I love the looks of this place and hope they only bring in the pojumber, electrician, plasterer and painter to keep it standing and whole, not to change the looks. Those plaster doves make me smile too.

  3. Anonymous03 May, 2007

    Well, the plumber, electrician and plasterer know right were to go. I like the colors and it looks like the number 7 was a recent addition. And the two wires sticking out of the hole are for?

  4. Well, at least you don't need a bird poop cleaner ;-)

  5. It also needs a lot of love and care. Old buildings are beautiful but they need a lot of work to keep it looking beautiful.


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