18 May 2007

Little old ladies

Outside the main market, you'll always find little old ladies selling produce they grow on their land - perhaps in Menton, perhaps in one of the hill villages. You'll see this lady is selling homemade jams and chutneys and she has a few eggs for sale as well. Sorry I nearly chopped her head off in this second photo. (Oseille is sorrel.)


  1. Beautiful photo, Jilly!! I love photos of outside markets because they are always so colorful and you can see what people sells and stuff.

    Thanks for the confessional.
    So whatever happened to Mr. Christmas. :-)

    You had me laughing out loud at the office. People think I'm nuts.

  2. This photo gave me a brilliant idea - forget dog food, why don't we set you up next to the lady, selling figs from your famous figuer!!!

    (I will require my 15% cut, bien sur!)

  3. The best place always to buy fresh fruits, veggies, and eggs. Wish we had one year round.

  4. Ah Ming, well, we eventually got engaged and then he ran off with an older woman of 23! But you know, we've remained friends all these years - we've met up occasionally - in fact he phoned only a few days ago. But he was the first and they say you never forget the first...

    Dog food is dead and buried, Isabella. Figs? Ah, now there's a thought. Trouble is everyone else's figs are ripe at the same time so price wouldn't allow for a 15% cut. What a pity!

  5. Doesn't she look cool in blue?
    I try to buy my veggies from these stalls. Somehow how it always seems fresher..

  6. She's charming. I'm charmed.

  7. a wonderful looking woman and I hope she gets a lot of customers!


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