24 May 2007

Place aux Herbes

This is the Place aux Herbes - on the right is Le Balico, my favourite Menton restaurant. The plane trees, now in full leaf, give the square shade and a chance to get away from the heat - and already it's very hot, and goodness, only May.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I'm leaving for the north of France to go to a dog show - the Euro-OES-Show in Gerardmer. (OES = Old English Sheepdog) Hope, with luck, to be able to post each day from the hotel computer. However, forgive me, but I won't be able to comment. Back on Monday night. woof woof

Note: Since posting this Le Balico has sadly been sold and is now under new management.


  1. Anonymous24 May, 2007

    Another nice photo. It does look nice and peaceful. But hot. Already. Good luck at the dog show. Hope it is cool there too.

    The third installment about feeding baby robins was posted today. The poop sack.

  2. Good luck with the dog show if you are entering.

  3. Gerardmer could be warm too (my daughter is studying in Nancy, not very far from this town)...Good luck for your dog show, don't worry about your posts and comments, we'll wait for you!

  4. this looks like such a nice little town! OH I WANT TO GO TO THE DOG SHOW! PLEASE TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF THE DOGS TOO!

  5. Does look nice and shady! Next time I'm in town, lunch's on me at Le Balico ;-)
    Have fun at the show and if you're judging, be kind to all the OESs and award them all!!!

  6. Woof woof back to you, Jilly. Are you judging or showing? I hope you have a wonderful time. See you soon. Annie


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