10 May 2007

St. John's Anglican Church, Menton

St. John's is part of the Diocese in Europe that exists to serve Anglicans across Continental Europe and beyond. English congregations and churches have been established on the European mainland since before the Reformation. The Diocese in Europe is present in 42 countries with around 250 chaplaincies and congregations, and forms part of the Province of Canterbury.

St. John's has a library with over 5000 English books - it's open twice a week and is a focus for English-speakers in Menton who like to meet over a cup of tea!

The church is situated one street in from the sea and just across from the Jardin de Bioves and the Casino.


  1. Love the windows in this building and I especially like your first shot.

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2007

    Well this is an impressive series of photos, Jilly. I really like them and your narrative too.

    I posted about the sexual behaviour of ducks today (with photos).

  3. It's good to have a gathering place where like-minded (or like speaking) can be with one another. This looks like a lovely one.

  4. Oh, i like gothic churches. Very nice shots.

  5. Thanks for showing the inside too. It has great natural lighting.

  6. Anonymous11 May, 2007

    yeah, the east end (i hope that's the east end at any rate) is clearly the superior elevation of the structure.
    great photos of an interesting church

  7. What's amazing is this little bit of english architecture. If you could crop the building behind you would think you were in the UK...
    Beautiful collection, Jilly.


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