23 May 2007


A very small part of the jumble of buildings that makes up the Old Town.


  1. Anonymous23 May, 2007

    Your photographs are beautiful, Jilly. I look at them and try to imagine you climbing up one, two, three, four and more flights of stairs to get to your apartment. And then I stopped thinking and read the text and realize this is not your neighborhood. I like this picture. I saw what looks like netting over one building and wonder if it is to keep things from falling on the heads of people while they remodel the building.

    I think it is a nice photograph. It is perfect for a painting. Wow. If I could get interested in art again I would pick out something and paint it. I can't get interested.

    The last two paintings I did were 12 feet long.

    This is the second episode of the Robin feeding the babies. Mom had her head down a throat today.

  2. I think that I would really enjoy this section of town. It has character, charm, and holds great interest!

  3. Beautiful photo! Just amazing view of those buildings!


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