17 May 2007

A style of house

This is a longer view - this time taken from the front - of the building featured two days ago when you saw a close-up of the side of the building. The building faces the sea and is just by the casino. You can see the detailed photograph here. Abraham asked if this style of architecture has a name and I just don't know. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can help. Certainly, many buildings have those lovely tall French windows, and that colour turquoise is much used in Menton.


  1. So at first I thought - look at those palms and the color of the sky and the roof tiles - this could be in Naples...
    But then I noticed the windows...and the balconies...and the architectural details...and the hills in the background...
    No, this could only be the Riviera!

    Nice photo, Jilly!

  2. "The building faces the sea"...Waow!

  3. I hope there is space on the balcony to sit and have breakfast! I loved the detailed photo too. Is this a building of apartments or just one family?

  4. Anonymous17 May, 2007

    It must be called a Mediterranean style or something. It is a beautiful building as all them are and the colors are similar or alike and the architecture is similar or alike. I just assumed it had a name. Like my house is called a "ranch house" style and was copied from styles introduced 50 or more years ago in California. Now, they are seldom made here in Ohio.

    I like your photography, Jilly.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. Architecturally it looks Italian and it's gorgeous.
    The detail in the earlier photo is superb too.

  6. Just can't beat that light, I feel like I'm walking up that street. JgA

  7. Those windows are magnificent. Can't you just imagine the light inside?

  8. I don't know anything about the building but looks very beautiful especially with great palm trees..

  9. I always think of it as "French provincial" which is a corruption of "Provencal"I guess...

  10. I dont know the name of the architecture style but these buildings are so relaxing to look at - I really like the soft tones of colors!


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