30 May 2007

Spending a penny

You probably know what this is but if you don't, it's a public loo. You have to put 30 centimes in the slot and the curved door opens to a self-cleaning lavatory. This facility is just opposite the sea and behind it, you'll see St. John's, the Anglican church in Menton. You can see a better photograph of the church here.

Really so sorry I've not commented lately. After the 10 hour drive from a crazy busy dog show (which I'll write about on my Postcards blog) I now have a dreadful sore throat and cold. Collected my wonderful new car yesterday and promptly bashed it today! I'm not a happy camper. The car is automatic and unfortunately it doesn't hold in Drive - just slips back down my very steep track. Volkswagen tell me the slope is too steep to hold the car. They might have told me this when I ordered the damn thing! Don't ask, just don't ask.... but I will get around to comments soon and try and make up for my absence.


  1. Oh, ma pauvre! No wonder you're posting a photo of a toilet ;-). I sympathize, since I visited my dentist this morning...

    Wil you have to switch to a manual transmission car? (I'm scared to think what monster of a hill you live on ;-))

    Don't sweat the small things! Take care of your cold and rest up (if the dogs let you, that is!)
    Goss bisous et courage!!!

  2. bummer about the car. I live in a hilly part of texas and I once had a Subaru standard shift. It has what is called a hill holder so that when you are on an incline it won't slip!

  3. Anonymous02 June, 2007

    very interestin

  4. Oh my gosh! I used to be afraid of going in those toilets when I was kid. I heard people were getting stuck in there!


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