19 April 2009

Easter Monday People - the Guitarist and her Dog

We've left our visit to Rue Longue - just for a few days (we'll be back, I promise).

I went to Rue Longue on Easter Monday to take more photographs of that ancient street but on the way there and back, I got to meet some interesting people - and wanted you to meet them too.

This is Virginie. She is often to be seen on the streets of Menton playing and singing - and she has a really beautiful voice. She lives in a van with her two dogs. The one you see is Tequila, her Yorkie who has recently been sterilized, because her other dog, a Jack Russell 'got at her' and she had five puppies. I suggested she castrate the Jack Russell but she didn't want to do that as he guards her and her van. Sleeping alone at night in her van, I understand.

Don't you love her footwear! Bells on her toes. A great sound with the guitar.

Notice the wisteria in the background of the photo below. It's a particular beautiful variety - pale, with much longer flower fronds than normal. I love it's delicacy. More pics of Virginie and Tequila and the wisteria on Riviera Dogs today.


  1. Bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes. Adorable yorkie. I wonder what Virginia will make of her French namesake. Love everything about her. I hope she stays safe, we need more people like this in the world. As with V, Eki and Olivier I am a fan of your people images, always a story to tell.

  2. Great portrait, as always. Lovely guitar and... shoes!

  3. If she's singing the blues with that guitar, she must manage to inject a little joy as well. You capture so much of her spirit in these three shots. I feel I would recognize her, even without bells on her toes.

  4. Well B just knew. I will insist that Peter and Alice call me Virginie while I'm inParis -HA!! Actually they did in my French class as we were to use French pronounciations! I love this lady too. You do such a terrific job with portraits. Did she shake her tambourines with her feet? Very clever. I can almost hear her.
    V (Virginie) :)

  5. As I told you I never seen Virginie. I'll pay attention, Jilly, next time I'll hear a guitarist in the streets of Menton.
    Thanks so much for your kindness, and your "bonne humeur" that makes us feel imediately as friends.
    Hope we'll be able to meet us soon.

  6. A one woman band! Great photos :)

  7. My daughter will be graduating soon from music school with no real prospects in sight. I may need to pass this idea on to her. I don't want her living in a van, but living in a van in Menton may not be too bad!

  8. I would so love to meet Virginie and her dog/s. In some ways, she leads a life I envy. If I had a talent like hers to support myself....

    I love these photos, more, more!

  9. A different life. But a good one for her as it seems. This is a great portrait.


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