26 April 2009

Le Clos du Peyronnet - Wisteria 2

Here we see the enormous size of these wisteria plants, the trunks almost as wide as the columns. There is more than one variety planted along this pergola. Some years back one of the pillars was broken in two by the strength of the wisteria - but again, it was its very strength that prevented the pillar actually falling. Recently William had it replaced - an exceedingly delicate operation.

In the past, William has given 'wisteria parties' in April - a wonderful way to admire these ancient plants in bloom.


  1. Lovely combination of inside and outside, Jilly. Age is glorious!!

  2. The plants are gorgeous, no doubt they could crack one of these pillars. How old could they be?

  3. Just try to imagine that when we go to a nursery and buy new wisteria plants that they are about as big around as a soda straw if that. Is there an estimate on the age of this wisteria?

    Your photograph is, by the way, excellent.

  4. Vogon Poet and Abe - next time I see William I'll ask him the age of this wisteria. I do know the Belle Epoque villa was restored and the garden created in the 50s and 60s so I'd not be surprised if the wisteria was planted then. I plan a series on this celebrated Menton garden and will then make sure I've got my facts right. It's a stunning garden.

  5. Very beautiful shot. We've got vines that look like this that take over one part of our yard and can rip our fence apart...

    I like the calmness this photo provides.

  6. What a strength ! I can imagine what wisteria can do to a roofing.
    It is certainly a plant that has to be watched, and cut back regularly.
    Delicious atmosphere on your picture, Jilly.

  7. Wonderful garden and very pretty photo, Jilly. You didn't take it today, did you ? It rained all day in Montpellier.

  8. The story of the broken pilar and its repair is an amazing one, I can easily imagine the strength of a wisteria this size!

    What a lovely setting!

  9. I can almost smell it!!!!

  10. Well the wisteria is just a knockout and so are those wonderful columns. We've got something here in ALabama that will take over the planet one day......
    Kudzu. I'll post that this summer. Scary!
    This photo is just beautiful Jilly.

  11. The atmosphere on your photos is just wonderful, Jilly! The light through the wysteria's leaves is really special.I remember to have seen this famous garden in a magazine and, opening your photo today, I was sure to see one of the pillar broken! Happy to see it has been replaced, even if I can't understand how!
    Do you think to come back here in June?

  12. Marie, I took the photos on the 24 April - ie two days before this photo. And yes, it sure is raining here now. Had enough!

    Alice, yes, I have to go back to William's garden for more photos. Many of the long shots I took the other day didn't work because I was photographing too early in the day.


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