25 April 2009

Le Clos du Peyronnet - Wisteria

Indulge me! I know we are supposed to be continuing our visit to Rue Longue - and we will, we will, but I just wanted to show you some of Menton's wisteria before it disappears.

The Clos du Peyronnet is one of Menton's famous gardens, in this case, one of the very few private gardens in Menton that is open for garden tours and to the general public on certain days in June. It's owned by William Waterfield and I plan a series on the Clos - we have a treat ahead - but over the next few days, we'll just look at various wisterias. Then back to Rue Longue.

I took this yesterday afternoon. This particular wisteria is almost over - William said it was at its best two weeks ago. These few fronds tho, high up, still show their long, narrow form and beautiful delicacy.


  1. This wisteria has, as William himself says, seen better days! This Clos is wonderful, I hope we'll be back here soon.

  2. This is a lovely tree with wisteria.

  3. I love wisteria too. I posted some weeks ago. This is so pretty with the column!

  4. There is always something vibrant, colourful and exciting that you find to show us in Menton, Jilly.

    The South of France in springtime must be putting all sorts of thoughts in people's heads and this is where one can come to see them.

    (Well, you said, "indulge me" !!)

  5. This garden is so lovely. I am looking forward to seeing it in Spring. I visited it a the September 2007 garden openings and it has a special quality to it. It was not showing very well after the heat of summer so I look forward to seeing the spring bloom.

  6. All an atmosphere, here, Jilly. It is certainly the best time to sit underneath the pergola, just appreciating the moment.
    I like its delicate color, with the pale yellow of the house and its pillar. I like the quaint charm of this place. Timeless.

    (well-arrived. A little bit sad, though)

  7. I Love wisteria - think it is the prettiest of the climbing things. And always seems to provide just the right spring mood.

  8. Virginia, it was your lovely photographs that got me inspired to ask William if I could go and photograph the garden. As it was I was really too late this year for the Wisteria but I took some shots anyway!

    Marta, I had forgotten there were garden visits in September - of course that's when the Fete des Plants is on. You are right, all the gardens here look at their best in April and May before they go into hibernation in the heat of summer.


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