07 June 2009

Chess à la Carte - the Winner!

Here are the two young players we met yesterday. The winner showing his delight in winning. The pair of them never stopped playing and having the best fun.


  1. Any good natured victory is a good one. Nice capture of the moment.

  2. That expression on his face is priceless. Not gloating at all. Just a confident, puckish smile. Terrific.

  3. Anonymous07 June, 2009

    Great to see young guys outside playing with other people whilst using their brains! (not indoors alone on playstation getting ricketts from not enough vitamin D in sunlight, hahaha.....

    oohh, like us, online, enjoying the beautiful South of France vicariously..... haha.

    Well, thanks for your wonderful photos, comments and slices of life every day - they're fabulous, and i look forward to them every day. At least if I never actually get to France, I can say I've experienced a true slice of it, with people I wish were my real-life friends! Thanks for all your hard work!

    Roz, Blue Mountains

  4. What?! No video games?!!!
    Yes, this is inspiring, seeing these young people working their minds while obviously having so much fun!

  5. I was just thinking the same thing. It seems in our world today that so many of the youth are missing out on the opportunity to really experience life. Please understand I certainly enjoy my computer, yet I see children who now have health problems because they have no exercise daily in their life. As I commented yesterday your photos brings back good memories of being young and active outdoors. I must agree maybe video games are not the answer.
    Jilly, I too enjoy living each day with your wonderful photos.

  6. aw, how wonderful?
    disciplines like chess and music are so good for kids, teaching them to work hard and focus.

    I wish chess were a bigger thing among the youth here in the states.

  7. J'adore les gens passionnés, surtout les enfants.

  8. J'adore les gens passionnés, surtout les enfants.

  9. Just caught up with your last few Chess posts. I really like how you've shown three completely different sides to this game of brains and skill.

  10. Nice to see these youn guys having fun with this kind of game, not even playing it electronically!


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