19 June 2009

La Ronde des Plages - Agony!

Agony! The last of the runners stagger home. Paper cups litter the road but somehow they avoid them.


  1. c'est vraiment un effort très dur, je comprends l'agonie de certains coureurs a la fin de la course. Impressionnant tous les gobelets d'eau sur la route

  2. A lot of torsos to look at

    Good candid captures of real life event

  3. The baby in the carriage in the final shot has the right idea. And what was that fellow thinking when he put that hot wig on?

  4. Nice looking fellow in the first photo...:<)

    Tomorrow I leave for the US and while I'll use pre-posting, I won't be able to check blogs for a bit! I'll be back!

  5. What a wonderful series of photographs and we appreciated them more so because Lois Anne is a runner and has competed in numerous races including the NYC Marathon and the Disney Marathon!

    I think running is like a drug...

    It takes so much out of a person, but seems to make them feel so good...

    Thanks for these!

  6. Here, no need of glasses of water.
    We're under clouds and even rain.
    Free supplying for us.


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