16 June 2009

La Ronde des Plages - They're Off!

The road is clear of cars - 1000 runners take off on the 25th annual 10 kilometre run.

The course runs alongside the beaches from the Port of Garavan (near the Italian border) to the swimming pool at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin - and then back again.

The best runners do this in half an hour - others take around fifty minutes.


  1. bel effort et belle photo de ces coureurs. j'espère qu'il ne faisait pas trop chaud

  2. This is so fantastic capture !! I wonder how people can run so fast to cover a distance of 10 kms in just 30 mts..This is great..Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  3. As soon as your image opened I heard the theme song from Chariots of Fire playing in my head. What an amazing, powerful shot.

  4. Me ? I'm not arrived yet. I took place in a café, and drank an expresso....the time it takes to drink it, Pchiitt, they were all arrived.

  5. These posts are inspirational to me... I used to be a runner, and I want to get back into it...
    Thanks Jilly...
    PS -- great shots!

  6. They're brave. I'd make it five feet and give up. ROTFLOL

    I know I have been very quiet lately, and I apologize. There's an explanation on my blog post from yesterday and today if you want to check it out.

    I also apologize for this cut-and-paste comment. I just want to let everyone know what's going on.

  7. I admire the dedication and discipline of people who do this. My son, Chicago CDP blogger U "R" Us, is training for the Chicago marathon in October. Not me! A run through the airport in Chicago a couple of days ago exhausted me.

  8. Looks like everyone is in great shape for the race.


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