28 June 2009


One of our fellow bloggers is Amir in Iran (Tehran Live). Following the recent elections and after the 17th June, his blog was blocked and recently he was picked up and is now in prison. Today, the City Daily Photo Community is coming together in solidarity for our courageous friend and for freedom and democracy for the people of Iran.


For Updates on Amir - click on this link.

This chestnut tree in Gorbio village in full green leaf save for a few leaves from last Autumn - leaves that persistently hang on. It symbolizes the notion that perhaps old ways need to be dropped in favour of vigorous and healthy new ones.

To see how other CDP bloggers are supporting our friend and the people of Iran, please click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

This great news came through the night of the 28th - and he is home with his family. Oh Happy Day!


  1. The old ways that need to be moderated, Jilly, are shown by this very special Theme Day in support of our missing blogger, aren't they? One country going to war to enforce change in another country is no longer a viable way. The world is too interconnected and the cultures of the world too engrained.

    We need to support different cultures for different people. As Cristobal our blogger in Chile quotes we need to "integrate with identity". Together as a community, we can do our small part towards accepting differences the world over.

    I am so glad you posted on this special Theme Day. We want our blogger back. The world is watching.

  2. another good show of support for our fellow city daily photo blogger. let's pray for his safe and quick release.

  3. A great supporting post

  4. Great post for today! Thank for joining to support Iran!

  5. Well, it's working. That is, I'm in Washington, DC, up early. Saw several thumbnails coming thru my feed--all at the same time about Amir.

    Will post on FB & so on.

    Greetings to all but sorry that it's for this reason.


  6. Blocking blogs and torchering blogger is very negative behavior, which we all should condemn.

  7. Anonymous28 June, 2009

    I suppose the hangers on are hopeful. It is a surprise to the tree as well, I am guessing, that the leaves are still there.

  8. Wonderful post for today Jilly, thank you et bon dimanche !

  9. Thought provoking approach to this day.

  10. Like birds for me you have chosen another very symbolic image of withered leaves fighting persitently to cling on in a sea of green. Well done for both posts.

  11. Jilly, your photo has great symbolism which I fully support ... hopefully "A" will be released soon and the violence will stop ... hopefully the citizens of Iran will one day have their vote counted and not live in fear of the thugs in power.

  12. What a beautiful symbol for today's post. You are so right. It's way past time for new and modern ways of looking at the world.

  13. Great symbolism, Jilly. We are all praying for Amir.

  14. Thank you, Jilly, for a beautiful post. The world is watching.

  15. Jilly, thank you for this brilliant association. It is a perfect photo metaphor. So, the girl who keeps up with two fabulous blogs came up with TWO very thoughtful, strong images for today. You are amazing and inspirational.
    Now that we know Amir has been released we can breathe a bit easier, but I keep thinking of the tension the people of Iran are living with and how their young people's lives are being marked and forged by these events.

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