24 July 2009

Fête Créole - the Ice-cream Machine

Wooden barrels are used to make coconut ice cream. Ice is packed around the central container, which holds the ingredients. Then the wheel is turned continually to churn it.

There were six or seven machines on the go at once and still the queues continued.


  1. I love coconut ice cream. And I love these shots, too.

  2. Your candid's are really inspiring me. I think it is my favorite shot to take. Especially street candids.

    Yours are amazing. They really capture the scene with out being intrusive. I learn much by looking at yours.

    Another great shot.

  3. I can almost smell it!! YUM! I love the smile than man gave for the camera, so welcoming!

  4. I've never had a better ice cream than the coconut one I had in Guadeloupe in the carribean. The full flavour of the coconut comes out, it's divine!


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