26 July 2009

Fête Créole - Rum!

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The Casa de Cuba bar was constantly busy - I wonder why? Several different rum based drinks were available with names like Mojito, Cuba Libra, Planters' Punch and Daiquiri.

The lady in the small photo is preparing (I think?) sugar cane.

Rum, n. Generically, fiery liquors that produce madness in total abstainers

- Ambrose Bierce


  1. Yum to rum. And to these photos...which inspire everything but madness.

  2. I'll have a small glass of madness then, with some ice, please! Nothing wrong with a bit of madness, now and then!

  3. Aw...rum. That's why they call it the Casa de Cuba...

    Looks like one could have an enjoyable time in this Cuba!

  4. I had a cuba libra last night overlooking the georgetown (DC) waterfront. refreshing.

  5. I love RUM + coca cola + lemon juice. Very nice photos


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