30 July 2009

The Gorbio Horses

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It never fails to amaze me that here, on the French Riviera, one can live so many different sorts of lives - a beach life, a town life, a village life, a country life. After all, not everyone wants to live on the coast, with access to Monte Carlo.

Tomorrow we'll meet a man who keeps horses on land way above Gorbio village. He has a three week old foal and so I was invited to take photographs.

The horses live a great life - they have 400 hectares to wander freely. They are never penned and never tied up yet they have accommodation when they need it.

So do come back tomorrow and meet Gerard, who lives for his horses, and I'll tell you his story.


  1. Great story, lovely horses! Indeed an interesting mix of different lifestyles there!

  2. ils ont de la chance, ces chevaux de vivre en total liberte

  3. Love that first shot in particular. The coats of those horses gleam.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I am loving your blog and will definitely be back tomorrow for the horses. :)

  5. Reminds me of the walk up the donkey road to Gorbio!

  6. tu as trouvé l'homme qui parle à l'oreille des chavaux

  7. Anonymous31 July, 2009

    I really, really, really like these horses and the little one especially. What a nice life they must have there.


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