10 July 2009

The Pastis Water Bottles

Sit at a bar in France, order a pastis (anisette is a sweeter version) and it will be served with one of these bottles filled with water.

Pastis is the great aperitif of the south, a delicious - and strong - aniseed flavoured drink, which when mixed with water goes cloudy.

Pastis was first commercialised by Paul Ricard in 1932, 17 years after the ban on absinthe.

At any vide-grenier or bric a brac fair, you'll find these water bottles which are now collector's items.


  1. et la grande spécialité du sud, c'est le pastis au mètre ;o))

  2. Anonymous10 July, 2009

    New to me. Never heard of it. I guess it is popular there.

  3. Yummm, I love this stuff. Really nice shot, too.

  4. Yes, Kitty... it is a nice 'shot'. hahaha This is new to me also, but I'd willingly take a gamble w/ shot and oysters! I love bottles. This is a photograph I'd take. Nice work.

  5. I like the look of these bottles and the drink sounds great too!

  6. These are realy a classic of summer!

  7. Nice Summer ...
    I guess it is popular there.

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