23 July 2009

Fête Créole - the Moment

This little girl had the best fun playing a sort of a peek-a-boo game with my camera and me.

I love the smaller photo but it's out of focus. I knew at some point she'd turn to face me yet my camera wasn't focused and ready for that moment. I was chatting to a friend at the same time - not a good idea.

Note to Self - be attentive, concentrate and so be ready for 'the moment.' The moment always comes.

In focus, out of focus, isn't she adorable?


  1. un beau portrait, elle est mignonne, on la sent un peu taquine ;o)

  2. Sweet, sweet little girl :-))

  3. Anonymous23 July, 2009

    She is. She reminds of of Audrey and is about the same age.

    Audrey is on Pick a Peck of Pixels. You saw her with green peas all over her face. Now, see her at 9 with her hair blowing in the wind. Be part of history. Become a Follower or leave a comment. Tell you friends. Link up. Pick a Peck of Pixels

  4. Portraits are still my favorites, and these two photos are splendid. The bottom photo does not appear to be out-of-focus to me.

  5. She's darling. She looks a little impish, full of mischief. I'm rarely ready for the 'moment' when it comes. I'm grateful to have anything to share with the CDPB community at all. But, Jilly, you never let us down. Even when you don't have a precise, sharp focus you still come up with a magical image.

  6. très joli portrait !

    de plus, ses yeux et sa bouche indique toute sa malice...

  7. Adorable is the word that comes to mind!

  8. quel beau portrait
    très réussi

  9. They're both great, but personally I like the first one best.


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