31 March 2010

'Allo Robert' and the Mynah Bird

Just up the Castellar road from the Nouvelles Galleries is a place of wonders. 'Hello Robert' sells brocante and antiquities.

Once inside, you have to fight your way through furniture, piles of antique leather suitcases, a couple of cars, tables, fairground figures, ancient bicycles, rocking horses galore, old tins, statues, paintings, it never stops and of course it's fabulous.

The ground floor seems to extend forever, most is undercover but at the far end it's open to the elements and that's where you'll find old tiles, decorated pots, garden furniture, bird cages and loads of plants, even a small grotto with running water. Tucked in a corner at the foot of a staircase is this mynah bird who talks but is marginally impolite at times! He also wolf whistles to make you feel beautiful and screeches when you walk up his escalier (stairscase).


  1. "la concierge......" cela rappelle tous ces vieux bâtiments parisiens ("Gaz a tous les étages"), j'adore ce petit détail du passé

  2. I had a cockatiel (small, gray) once who whistled so much my husband made me give it away. I'm not really a bird person anyway, and it found a better home. In Greece I came upon a parrot who spoke Greek (what else?) and I could not communicate with it...!

    I'd visit this place if I were there!

  3. Allo, Jilly. Interesting composition on that top shot.

  4. The smiling face reminds me of one seen on baking powder boxes, years ago.

  5. "La concierge" dressed in black is impolite, so.... ;-)
    Funny, I remember where you told it was situated. I passed in front of it but never enter. I regret, but I'll go in next time.

  6. Well at this point, a wolf whistle from anything or anyone is appreciated! :)

    This place must be like THe Garage where I have posted photos from time to time. I love places like that.


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