30 March 2010

Rusty Love

In October last year my very special friend, Catherine - who lives in Paris and spends time in Menton - published a photo on Just the Five of Us of these very same padlocks on the bridge in Ventimiglia. Click on the link to see them. See how rusty they've gotten over the winter.

Yesterday, Rob posted a 'link lock' on North Metro Photo, which in turn led me to Valeria at Verona Daily Photo who posted Locks of Love which explains it all!

It seems it all started with a book by Federico Mocca called 'I want you', which was subsequently made into a film. The story was an inspiration to Roman lovers who copied the main characters and wrote their names on padlocks and fixed them to the Ponte Milvio lampposts - and so the idea spread. But there is more and for that you'll have to read this fascinating article in the New York Times.

Isn't it amazing what we learn from our blogging friends? Thanks everyone!


  1. What a journey around the world I have just taken. Delicious idea ...

  2. je trouve que c'est une tres belle tradition

  3. Glad I read your commentary, for I was about to think that there were a lot of bicycles or other vehicles padlocked there!

    Wonderful tradition, and yes, we learn so much from our blogging friends. Case in point!

  4. I think this is really save! :-)

    Nice shot!


  5. And what happens to the couple when the lock rusts completely through and falls apart??

  6. So these locks are in Ventimiglia...I would have been really surprised if they were in France (although Menton is closed to Italy...).
    Thank you for the link, Jilly, have a great day!

  7. I love the first photo, and the idea behind it is charming.

  8. Love locked! So romantic!

  9. Valeria, they are in Paris too. See Catherine's blog


  10. Merci, Jilly! This is such a wonderful story that has now spread across the world. The wonders of blogging, we learn so much of and through each other. I only fear city authorities will remove the locks.

  11. As a CDP'er, I agree that our world grows smaller as our knowledge increases.This is a wonderful tradition.

  12. Jilly,
    I think I remember a blog that showed this in Paris but alas, I can't remember who. Wait!!! It was Vicki Archer's terrific French Essence blog i think. Well it has gone around blog world and now I want to some to photograph as well! Merci to all of you.

  13. Jilly, you explained it all with the links. When I first saw this in Ventimiglia, I thought it was a find of this particular town....I was mistaken..but not so far from the true.
    These !!! Yes, Jilly I remember soo well ! The first time I discovered the padlocks in Ventimiglia, Laetitia, our little angel now, the young girl and Alexandra's friend I wrote about, was with us.....

    A better tradition than writing graffiti on trees or walls....


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