10 March 2010


'If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.'

~Audra Foveo

Dear Peter from Paris has also posted today about his recent visit to Menton - wonderful photos and commentary - do go and look. You'll see amongst many wonders, photos of mimosa trees in bloom. It was so good to see you again, Peter.


  1. Beautiful!! it reminds me of home where its called Wattle.

  2. C'est très joli, Jilly. C'est Photoshop?

    Nos mimosas ont souffert du froid. Ils font la tête!

  3. Marie, no I don't have Photoshop although I'm working up the courage to try Lightroom! I did this simply in Picasa. Normally I use iPhoto as I have an iMac but Picasa is useful for this particular facility.

  4. Oh forgot to say. The mimosas here are looking rather sad, mostly with the rain that has pulled them down. We have snow threatened today at 300 metres so we'll see what happens.

  5. Great photo! The yellow color makes it warm...


  6. un mimosa bien mis en valeur

  7. Mimosa will forever make me think of France. Do they still make those little sugar mimosas they use on the top of cakes, like the sugared violets?

    Last year I took a photo of a mimosa seller in Belgrade.

    The mimosa he is selling probably comes from Montenegro.

  8. That child with her golden sprigs of mimosa is so tender, Jilly.

  9. And the mimosa exists just to allow our soul to be in bloom without waiting until spring !
    Understand what I mean, Jilly !

    Wonderful creation on your picture Jilly ! Never tried, certainly something that will pleased me to play with.

  10. I saw these on Peter's and thought they were entirely different from our mimosas. Your closeup however lets me see the leaves which are like our mimosa but our blooms are pink wispy blossoms and I think they appear in the summer. I will keep my eyes out and photograph them this year for you!

  11. That little girl's duffle coat reminds me of the one we bought at Marks & Sparks in Cardiff, Wales when my daughter was about 3. I'm pretty sure we still have that cute little coat tucked away!

    Thanks for the memory -:))

  12. This is a remarkable quote Jilly!

    The focus on the yellow mimosa against a b&w backdrop would have worked better had the mimosa really been isolated but even so the photo works well.

    I've been visiting Menton again with Peter and oh so jealous jealous jealous I am !
    We must work on planning the next visit!

  13. What a lovely photo, Jilly!
    But I thought it was a boy... Don't know why... ;-))
    When I look again, maybe Chuck is right... Heels of girls boots??
    Barbara from Germany

  14. Barbara, he is a little boy. I do see tho it's easy to think it's a little girl or a little boy.


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