16 March 2010

Spring is Here - and Eyelashes Flutter...

The sun is shining, it's getting warmer. Spring is finally here and girls flutter their eyelashes. Life is, thankfully, getting back to normal in Menton...

This pretty girl is a server at the Bar du Cap.


  1. le soleil, bientot le printemps et l'amour l'amour l'amour ;)

  2. Flutter, flutter. We here are still far from fluttering, but your photo makes me feel spring is coming, slowly but surely.

  3. Ah, you capture the emergence of spring so perfectly with this post.

  4. It´s great to see, that the spring is now so near...


  5. Nice! This is just what we need!

  6. I love love love your portraits!

  7. Jilly:

    Always liking the pics of people. good shots today. Although yesterday's COLOUR was really, really good.

    The new thumbnails 'you might also like' feature is pretty cool.

    The 'Hodge-Podge of Color' from yesterday is now my computer 'desktop' picture. What's amazing to me about that HodgePodge picture is the blue of the sea is reflecting blue light and illuminating the bldgs with that same color. Really interesting / beautiful.

    Looks like it might have stopped raining there for a while.. enjoy Spring!

    Manhattan Beach, California

  8. Ah, spring and the birds and the bees welcoming the season. Looks like this lass knows which way is up, too, judging from the compass she is wearing -:)

  9. Eyelashes flutters ? A language, no ? You catch it beautifully, Jilly !
    Have you seen, they're renovating L'Alba just in front ? Hope they don't realise something too modern ! I forgot to answer you.....Maybe, Anne Marie and Frank's new Tapas Bar ? Who knows ?

  10. Catherine, yes I took a shot of the renovations yesterday but no, I think it's too early for that to be the tapas bar. Le B is currently closed for holidays until the 1st April. All happens sometime after Easter I believe.


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